Case Study: Stitch Good

Connecting crafters to causes in need of handmade goods


StitchGood makes it easy for crafters to find projects based on their skills, their location, and the causes they really care about. Visitors are prompted to join the community of crafters by signing up to receive customized monthly emails about causes in need of handmade goods.


Designer, Developer


1 week


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JQuery

stitchgood logo


I saw people in my online crafting communities looking for ways to use their skills and extra materials to make a positive impact. Unfortunately, many amazing charities and organizations requesting handmade items are not easy to find online, and it may be even more difficult to navigate websites and compare projects just to begin.

High Level Goal:

Connect crafters to causes that need handmade goods



Complete initial design and development in one week

stitchgood layout design


StitchGood is meant to be a living directory of charities and organizations requesting handmade items. It allows for discovery in a way that is not currently possible.

I designed the logo and website to feel modern and clean in contrast to the many cluttered and outdated websites I visited in my research. The interface design is focused on images which helps foster empathy between the visitor and the cause. I built the responsive prototype using Bootstrap and jQuery.

View the interactive prototype