Hi, I'm Ezra (he/him).

I believe that technology should connect people, so I build interfaces that embody accessibility, usability, and empathy.

Image of Ezra, an adult white man with green eyes, glasses, and short brown hair. He is wearing a baseball cap and standing outside in front of a large leafy plant. He is slightly hunched and is holding his beloved computer keyboard over his shoulder in the style of how a baseball player holds a baseball bat waiting for a pitch. He stares into the distance looking hopeful, yet in all honestly this man has never played baseball in his life.

I am a UX Engineer and part-time Textile Hacker. I work remotely in Palm Harbor, Florida from my home that I share with my partner Kelsey, our 3 cats, our dog Archie, and a rapidly growing collection of house plants. I grew up in Florida and studied art and design at Florida State University, then moved to New York City where I began my career in Graphic Design. I quickly discovered my love of User Experience (UX) and decided to head back to school to study creative technology at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). There I learned to program, build electronics, and push the boundaries of interface design by blending tech and textile arts. Since then I have built a hybrid skillset of Development and UX.

Craft and Tech

Over the past several years I’ve been researching the intersection of crafting and tech: I dove into the interwoven histories of these practices, created technology for crafters, and used craft as a pathway to learning engineering and programming skills.

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