Design and Front End Development for Community Management Software

NationBuilder offers online software for building and managing a community along with a suite of other products geared towards supporting leadership.


In October of 2017, NationBuilder officially launched a major rebrand. The bold new logo represents community, inclusion, and the power of creation on the internet. Along with fine-tuning our branding assets, I worked for months in advance alongside our design and development team, updating the entire website and all related properties to align with our new appearance and voice. One page I really enjoyed working on was our Brand Resources page.

NationBuilder rebrand old logo NationBuilder rebrand new logo

NationBuilder Stories

NationBuilder software was designed to meet the needs of political campaigns, nonprofits and anyone with the goal of reaching and organizing large groups of people. I was the primary developer for the Stories section of the website, which showcases the diverse range of customers and their impact on the world.

NationBuilder Stories Story page
NationBuilder Stories card design

NationBuilder Cities

In concert with providing software, NationBuilder started an effort to facilitate in-person meetups for local leaders and NationBuilder customers. I worked to develop a template for facilitators setting up new city chapters, and I co-organized and hosted our initial NationBuilder NYC meetups.

NationBuilder Cities website
NationBuilder Cities meetup. Speaker at front talking about leadership

Women’s Conference

The NationBuilder Women’s Conference is a multi-day gathering for women in leadership to discuss challenges facing women today and tell their stories of growth and persistence. I attended the first conference in Los Angeles in April 2017, and contributed my skills to support the event. I was the primary developer for the event website, facilitated a collaborative textile-arts project, and gave a speech about the history of textiles and women.

NationBuilder Women's Conference Website