UX Engineer for an online design education platform

Designlab is an online platform for design education. We offer online curriculum and 1-on-1 mentorship with professional designers with the goal of helping people upskill and switch careers into User Experience (UX). As a hybrid developer and designer I work closely with the product team and engineers to build high-quality responsive and accessible web pages.

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LUMA Design System

I co-designed and implemented the LUMA (lightweight, unified, modular, and accessible) Design System. Our design system allows us to build and prototype quickly using a set of predefined styles, colors, and components.

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Luma Design System components Luma Design Sytem grid layout

Designlab Blog

I was Front End Developer and Co-designer for the redesign of the Designlab Blog. When my team approached this project, we knew that many people were finding our high-quality content, but weren’t signing up for our newsletter. We conducted research for optimizing engagement, developed wireframes and prototypes, integrated our LUMA design system, and collaborated with engineers to fine-tune logic. The result was a 1100% increase in readers coming to our site organically and joining our email list.

Designlab blog screenshot
Designlab blog screenshot

Help Center

The Designlab Help Center is the support site for our prospective and active students and mentors. We planned to overhaul our entire support experience by creating an easy-to-navigate knowledge base and increasing visibility of support throughout our website and product.

Designlab blog screenshot
Designlab blog screenshot

Enrollment User Flow Update

Our team discovered that potential students were beginning the enrollment process to join our courses, but not completing the multi-stage form. I worked as the UX Designer and Front End Developer to help create a simpler, more user-friendly and responsive version this process. I created a user flow chart for the proposed changes, coded the logic for the one-page app with AngularJS, and refactored our form styles for accessibility.

Designlab enrollment user flow
Designlab enroll flow screenshot

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